Paint it! Mobile Painting Parties

Have you ever wanted to go to a Paint Night… a Painting event at a bar, but you’re too shy, or you don’t think you’re good enough, or you don’t want to drive there, or it’s too loud or crowded, or you (or your family) are too young, or it will cost too much with drinks and such, etc etc…
So, why not host a Paint Night (or day) at your house?

There is no age limit and all you need is at least 5 people and we will bring it all to you!

We are 2 local artists that have a passion for art that we want everyone to enjoy.

We do Canvas painting parties, Wine glasses, beer glasses, mugs and bowls – lots to choose from!

**family fun night** – **birthday parties** – **kids parties**

**girls night out** – **stagette parties** – **corporate events**

Your host will bring everything to you and set it all up so you can have your own private painting party.

relax and have fun learning the basics of painting with the freedom to ad your own creativity to your piece.
feel free to have snacks or drinks while painting – this party is all about you and having fun

when you’re done your painting event, you and your guests will keep your masterpieces and will be proud to hang them on your wall or give away as a special gift.

Painting party pricing is:

canvas parties – $40/person
(supplies, materials, travel, set up, clean up are all included)

wineglass parties – $35/person
(2 wine glasses, supplies, materials, travel, set up, clean up are all included)

kid’s parties – $30/child
(supplies, materials, travel, set up, clean up are all included)

Start organizing a party today!
If you don’t have the room to host your own, you can book at party at our home art studio in SE Calgary.
Check out our¬†Facebook page and ‘LIKE’ it so you can get up to date information and won’t miss anything exciting! ¬†

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