Mobile Kid’s painting parties


When it comes to kids birthday parties, you first have to figure out what you want to do and where to go…. but then there is the cost as well.

Whether it’s laser tag, a pottery place, an indoor play place, trampoline park, amusement park etc… it can be very pricy! depending on how many kids there are you may need to get a loan.  Some spent between $300-600 for their child’s bday party and where ever you go, it’s usually only an hour with the activity and an hour in the party room.

But, you can always host it at your own house, but then what do you do?  Games? movies?  Now you’ve got to think about what activities you can do and how you are going to plan it.

We’ve got an easy solution for you.  PAINTING PARTY hosted by Paint it! (Kinda like a Paint Night… but better! we come to you and this one is for the kids!) We will bring all the supplies to you, set up and clean up.  We will keep the children busy and entertained for 1.5 – 2 hours (while being creative at the same time).  Super simple for you parents!  Just sit back and watch – or go relax somewhere in another room. 🙂

If you prefer, we can host the party in our home studio, incase your home is not big enough or you’d rather not have the kids painting in your home. (even though it’s safe)

Kid’s birthday painting parties are only $30/child which will keep them entertained for around 2 hours and they will have a wonderful painting to take home with them. (no loot bags needed!)

For more information check out the rest of this website or check out (and LIKE us) on our Paint it! Facebook page.

note: we also do adult paint parties, family paint parties, corporate paint parties      (canvas and glassware)


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