Corporate Painting Party Events

Paint it! makes ‘Paint night’ a lot easier! (and it doesn’t have to be at ‘night’)

Did you know that Paint it! not only does mobile painting parties in your home, but we also can do corporate functions at your place of work…  Or even at a bar or restaurant of your choice… perhaps a function room at a hotel or retreat.

Are you a teacher at a school and would like to plan something different for your kids? We can set up in your class room or perhaps the Gym or cafeteria.

Do you run a preschool and would like to have your own painting party? We will bring it all to you.

Are you looking for a new team building event for your work? we can set up in your boardroom, showroom, office or you could make arrangements for a conference room at a hotel or book an area in a pub or restaurant.

We can handle parties of all sizes and ages, from kids birthday parties of 5 to corporate functions of 50+.  Preschools to Retirement homes – we will go anywhere for anyone.

We also have a home base location in Lake Bonavista for those who don’t have a big enough home or would just rather do it elsewhere.  Perhaps your business is small and you have no where to host it and the bar scene isn’t your thing…. Well then, we have a Garage studio that can fit up to 15 people that may be just right for you.

We do canvas painting parties and glassware painting parties. (wineglasses, beer glasses, mugs, bowls etc)

Check out the rest of our website for more information (pricing & photos etc)

or you can just give us a shout or send us a message to get more information.

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