Private Painting Parties

Paint nights… they are all the rage.  But with Paint it! we like to make sure everyone enjoys being creative.  There are a couple places that we host ‘paint nights’ or ‘paint days’ at, like The Blind Beggar, The Border Crossing and Cornerstone Music Cafe.  But Paint it! is mostly about being easy and convenient, so we like coming to you.

Whether you are having friends or family over for a get together, having a girls night in, a stagette party, birthday party, kids birthday party, family fun night or even a corporate function, that is when you should call Paint it!

We believe that ‘paint nights’ should not just be in the bars so only adults can participate. Why not invite anyone of any age?

Paint nights… paint days… it’s all the same! You pick the time!

We will bring everything to your home or office (or other location you might want) and we will set everything up, give you a wonderful painting experience, then we will clean it all up and take it all home with us.  You and your guests will have had a wonderful time bonding and creating some masterpieces that you can proudly hang on your wall or even give away to loved ones as gifts.

Whether you’ve painted before or not, you will enjoy these parties and you won’t believe how well you can paint!  And if you’ve done it before, there is always more learning (and fun) to be had.

Painting party pricing is:

canvas parties – $40/person
(supplies, materials, travel, set up, clean up are all included)

wineglass parties – $35/person
(2 wine glasses, supplies, materials, travel, set up, clean up are all included)

kid’s parties – $30/child
(supplies, materials, travel, set up, clean up are all included)

Start organizing a party today!  Think of Paint it! when you’re thinking about a paint night.
If you don’t have the room to host your own, you can book at party at our home art studio in SE Calgary.
Check out our Facebook page and ‘LIKE’ it so you can get up to date information and won’t miss anything exciting!

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